About Global Startup Awards

The Global Startup Awards was established in Denmark in 2012 with two major goals.

Firstly, to connect, support, and celebrate key players in national and
regional startup ecosystems worldwide. Secondly, to fuse them together on a
global entrepreneurial network, creating a matrix of opportunities for
international partnerships and commercial exchange.

GSA began as a way of recognizing entrepreneurs within the Nordic region.
It is now annually celebrated in 26 countries and across 4 regions:
Nordic, Central Europe, Southeast Asia and South Asia with Southern Europe,
UK, South America, Southern Africa and the Baltics joining in 2018.

Working with local and national partners in each region, we go on an annual expedition to find those companies and individuals that within the last 5 years have changed the game across various sectors through their remarkable startups. The winners of the GSA in each region go on to compete on a global platform representing their regions at the GSA Grande Finale.
The web/tech startup ecosystem in Africa has grown immensely over the last few decades and on the 31st of October 2018 over 500 industry players will be gathered to celebrate the Southern African masters of innovation.

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IT Web Africa - 08 November 2017